23 Things: 4, 5 and 6. An abundance of social media

So starting my EngD has opened up numerous ways of how to stay in contact with both academia and industry, as well as ways to try and put myself out there. What is the best way to share the work I’ll do and access that of others? How do I want to portray myself professionally? Not quite sure yet but here’s to trying to work it out!

My Personal Brand

What does this even mean? A quick google of myself opened up my facebook profile and my unused twitter account from back in the day everyone was getting one. All in all, quite an underwhelming amount of information but all I’d be happy for anyone to see. Since the internet is a versatile tool for advertising myself to others – particularly employers or other researchers! – I’ve not been using this to my advantage.

Another consideration is whether I’d want to keep personal accounts like facebook separate from the more professional presence like linkedin. For me, starting my doctorate has been something completely separate from my personal life. This I’d like to change! I want to share everything I’ve been doing and will do with the research world ¬†and to become a professional. I also know that it’s possible my mum could be the only person that reads what I write despite it not being of much interest as a topic!

Linking all my profiles to here could be a great way to start!



As I’ve mentioned, I’ve had a twitter account for years and never really used it. Looking at food and fitness tips can’t be the only use! I’ll try and engage with both University accounts and other researchers to really interact with and share my own current research to stay in touch with what’s going on now.


Networking and being a professional online

As an undergraduate, networking is a bit of a foreign concept so is something I’ve had to try and learn quickly since starting my EngD. I’ve set up both my linkedin and researchgate accounts. These both seem pretty similar in terms of a resource to advertise myself and my own work as well as accessing others. This should be a good way to connect! Having only just started on my doctorate journey I’ve currently nothing to share… so definitely a resource¬†for future use.

These also seem more appropriate for sharing research and work in comparison to facebook, which I have and will continue to use for my personal life!



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