23 Things: First blog post

So this is my first blog post for the 23 Things for Research course run by the Researcher Development Programme at the University of Surrey.

Social media is a massive part of day to day life – I’ve got Facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat and have just set up a LinkedIn account. I’ve no idea how to use these effectively! Hopefully blogging will be a useful tool for communicating both personally and professionally. Are these really separate in today’s world? We all consider how we portray ourselves online; the ease of access to online information blurs the lines between our personal lives and everything else. There’s no reason why this shouldn’t be used to an advantage! Sharing information can definitely be an asset and I hope to use this as a tool to further connections and knowledge for my own research and development.

I’ve only just started my doctorate (EngD in materials) so have a journey over the next 4 years and a lot to learn. This may be a way to share my thoughts and ideas with others, or just a useful outlet for my own ramblings!



Image: https://flic.kr/p/GXKym


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