23 Things: Research – Sharing is Caring?

This weeks things consist of a massive range of possible ways to share information about research online. As a quick overview, it’s all quite confusing and a little overwhelming. In terms of media, I’ve never been particularly gifted with photography, recording or filming, so these wouldn’t be my first port of call when considering how to share what I’ve been doing. However, I can see the benefit and have used screencast videos as revision aids in the past!

Presentations however are something all students and researchers will have experience of! There’s nothing worse than a death by power point, particularly with lots of text. Subsequently, tools that enable visual representations of data and much more viewer friendly presentations will be an asset. Prezi is something that I’d definitely want to look at later in my research as a way to communicate effectively.

Such tools are time consuming, especially as I’m not familiar with them. I’d like to re visit these at a later date when I’ve done more work to actually communicate it! Considering using these as an alternate way to show a mind map of my planning. Linear power points aren’t so effective and can often seem boring.


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