23 Things: A Future in Research

To maintain a future in research, whether in academia or industry, it is important to keep track of news and updates and be aware of upcoming opportunities. This weeks thing suggested signing up to *Research Professional, which is not something I’ve heard of or used before. It’s an online database providing access to news articles and funding opportunities for all research disciplines, and is likely something I can use in the future. At this current time however, I’m still trying to figure why my project work is heading let alone what I want to be doing in 4 years time!


The second thing for this week asked us to consider how we want to focus our online presence and define our professional selves. What would I consider to be my professional website? The 23 Things online course has alerted us to many online tools and encouraged the setting up of a number of online profiles on these professional tools. For myself, I think the easiest and most like central profile I’d use for my professional presence is LinkedIn. This has a good structure for adding information about qualifications and professional interests, and provides a good platform for sharing and accessing information about research and industry. It’s also a good way to advertise my self to potential future employers or other industrial contacts; although I love facebook, this is definitely a personal site and it’s nice to keep some parts of my life separate. Any potential employers aren’t likely to want information on my last holiday in Santorini or endless pictures of rowing!

LinkedIn also allows me to share details of some of my other online profiles that I’d consider professional, and the ability to add a link to this blog! After the 23 Things has finished, I’d hope to continue publishing blog posts about my research and use this as a platform to share it with a wider community.


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