Thing 23: So finally…. Reflections on the programme

Here it is! The last thing of the 23 things for research programme. So, what has been the benefit of this to me and my research and how will I continue with it in the future?

I think the key message that completing this programme has emphasised for me is the importance in sharing research and making information available and accessible, as well as being able to communicate with others and access their work. the best way to develop and improve research is to collaborate and share ideas in order to progress. In the current digital age this can be easier than ever, so using tools online such as LinkedIn, researchgate, Mendeley, and even Twitter as well as the numerous others, can be very beneficial. YouTube videos of animals and pictures of food aren’t the only things to view online!! (Even though these can also be brilliant).

Developing a professional presence online is also something I’d not properly considered before, but definitely something I want to take advantage of. Not only can I make myself and my work more visible to potential employers or industrial contacts, but blogging such as this maintains a regular consideration of what I’m doing and a tool to help me focus what I want to be achieving. Establishing a professional outlook, network and good communication of research is essential in industry. This is therefore particularly important to my EngD.

Maintaining this blog throughout my doctorate is something that I hope to continue with. I want to be able to share my work and communicate with others also interested in it. It’s also slightly less formal than the regular reports in third person! I’ve learned a lot about alternate tools online for sharing and accessing work, so though I may not use all of them over the next 4 years, I’d recommend trying the 23 Things to other students. What’s the point in research if we don’t want to find out more and improve our own experience?


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